A Strange Thing Happened.. Chapter 1.. Page 2

that it would have made any difference). They must have taped my eyes first because I felt a certain tightness and compression over my eyes that usually accompanies tape blindfolds and as I mentioned earlier, it was pitch black. I could
feel the tape compressing over my mouth and lower face as the thick, gluey adhesive "set" in place. But it didn't affect my breathing at all. Then, in an instant, the taping stopped. I could hear the women giggling.

I started to regain my senses quickly after that and I realized that my wrists were bound together with tape, behind my back, as were my ankles. I was dragged over to a couch. Then both women, with little or no difficulty, lifted me up and placed me down on the couch. These gals were strong! No doubt about it. It was easy for them! My energy began to return and I started to squirm and tried in vain to "mmm-ppp-hhh" my protests, but my sounds were barely audible.

I then heard what must have been a bottle of champagne being popped open as they congratulated each other on a job well done.I then heard one of them say "Wait until that bitch Christina finds out that we have her boy Jason here." 'She'll have a fit!'" To which the other chimed in "And she'll pay the ransom all right!!' 'It will royally piss her off!!' 'but she'll have to pay it and we'll spend it !!'"

One of them sat on my legs, thereby preventing me from working my way off of the couch. "And just where you think you're going my little captive?" she sarcastically and mocklingly asked.And they kept gloating and laughing but I was not able to hear anything else because while I was being held down, the other woman placed a set of headphones over my ears and then secured them in place with more tape so theycouldn't be shaken off.Yet as soon as my energy had returned, it quickly dissapated again and I felt drained. I couldn't speak. I couldn't see. And the only thing I could hear was the soft, classical music provided via the headphones.

My only sense left was my sense of smell and that was soon overwhelmed by the strong scent of perfume - which I realized was Calvin Klein Obsession. My surrender to stress along with the soothing classical music and perhaps what was the second wave of whatever sedative they had used on me with the darts making it's effects on me again caused me to drift off into a deep,euphoric sleep. Maybe it would all turn out to be only a dream.


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