Held Hostage Page 2

Jason figured she was just another groupie that was looking to get close with (the guest) and to party with him. But he was wrong. Her sole interest was in him and not the guest.

Once inside the room, he stripped down to his Hanes jockey underwear. It was almost 11:00 pm, Denise had an approximate arrival time of around 12:30-1:00 am, but she usually ran late. She was a nice lady, but was sometimes a bit scatterbrained. He took a long leak, then brushed his teeth and took a nice , cool drink of water and popped a mint into his mouth. It was time to begin another bondge adventure.

Jason securely sealed his mouth with numerous long strips of 3 inch wide microfoam surgical tape and reinforced them with many criss crossed pieces of 2 inch wide dermical adhesive tape tht he plastered over his already taped mouth. He added an over the mouth double layered pantyhose gag on top of that and then secured that pantyhose gag in place with some nice, white 1 and 1/2 inch wide athletic sports tape that he wound around and around over it. Then he donned a stretchy, open faced, white , spandex hood which compressed his gag nicely. Once the hood was on, he wrapped his entire lower face, mouth are, chin and jaw in an entire 5 yard roll of 3 inch wide elastoplast adhesive bandage until he was satisfied that he would be completely silenced. Within minutes the gag had completely " taken " and had set. It was as if his mouth and lower face, from just underneath his chin up to his nostrils was covered in a cast. He patted it down and pressed against the adhesives to firm it up even more. Perfect!!

Sometimes he would blindfold himself, but not tonight. Tonight he would be watching a bondage video marathon while he waited to be rescued. Jason popped one of those rare, expensive, specially made, high quality four hour VHS bondage tapes into the vcr that was connected to the 33 inch hotel tv set so that he could watch hours of bondage videos and pictured while he helplesslly waited for Denise to arrive. After gagging himself, he put on a set of headphones with a long extension cord that was connected to the vcr in order to hear the sound portion of the bondage videos and to block out any other sounds-such as Denise entering the room.

Jason tested the gag by trying to scream for help, but as usual, the many layers of tape, cloth spandex and pantyhose so effectively muted his cries that only very weak and stifled "mmmppphhhs" could be heard.

Surely nobody outside of the room would be able to hear any of the futile pleas for help that he might try to make. Realism was, is and always will be important. Whenever he engaged in bondage adventures, it was crucial that his condition of being tied up must be genuine and legitimate as if he were a true kidnap/burglary/robbery victim. It was also imperative that he be completely silenced by the gag so he could not call out for help. And he was.

Since being securely tied up was such an important part of the experience, it was absolutely necessary that he be bound so completely and thoroughly that it would tke hours for him to get free-that is- if he were to even able to get free at all!! It was crucial to the entire scenerio that it would be almost impossible to get loose and unable to escape so that he would have to be rescued.

Jason always set it up so that he would have about two hours to remain helpless, securely tied and gagged and struggling to get free before his rescuer would arrive and set him free. Sometimes he actively struggled against his bonds and tried to scream for help from behind the gag. Other times, he would resign himself to his helpless situation and simply, stilly and silently wait to be released.

As a precaution, Jason went into the bathroom and placed three condoms, an open swiss army knife as well as a handcuff key on the bthroom tile floor. Of coarse, he kept the bathroom door open, in the event that he had to get the knife and cut himself loose or use the key to get out of the handcuffs. Reality may be important, but so was safety. The condoms were there for Denise to appply to Jason's member before bringing him to climax. Denise and Jason were FTFs and although they genuinely enjoyed each other's company, there was no emotional attachment or committment at all.

Only one occasion, would he use the handcuffs, but even when utilized, they hd to be double locked so that they would not close and tighten on the wrists should he accidently sit on them or put pressure on them.

Handcuffs would definitely keep his hands in a helpless position, but one needs to have the key nearby in order to be freed. And they always hurt. Always. Especially if he was in a hogtie or any other kind of position that caused the handcuffs to pull and tug against his wrists.

So this time, as usual, he would use rope. And plenty of it. He sat down on the carpet, facing the tv, which was against the wall and his back was to the room entrance. He snugky tied his ankles together, winding the rope four or five times around his ankles and double cinching it. Then came the thighs, which he bound tightly above the knees by winding four or five turns of rope around then which he double cinched.

Jason next prepared his wrist coil which consisted of a rope looped six times over. He would be able to just barely slip his wrists inside the loop once it was cinched. He prepared a double rope slipknot/noose and used it to further cinch his ankles.

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