Tenant Tanning Part 2- The Toolshed

Paul, now having received Chris's wrath, knew that she wasn't to be trifled with. Chris laid down the law that when paul arrived home he would immediately change into her Daisy Dukes and do house chores-scrubbing and waxing the floors, doing the laundry, the dishes or whatever kind of work Chris decided need to be done. She also made it clear to paul that he would receive a severe whipping and possibly other types of punishment if he fell out of line with her. She also told him that there would be a sign that he was about to receive punishment when he got home from work and saw that his Daisy Dukes were soaking wet, laid across the kitchen table with a paddle, strap, whip, switch, cane, hairbrush, or whatever else she felt like punishing him with placed on top and that he was to put the short shorts on immediately with a tight belt so she could grab it to keep him from getting away. On the next occasion that Chris and paul had an altercation, paul arrived home intoxicated on a Friday night and made a lot of noise, leaving spilt beer, empty beer bottles, cigarette butts and food all over the kitchen countertop, the kitchen table and on the floor.

The next morning, paul went out for a jog to clear his head as he was hungover and didn't remember much. Upon returning, he entered the house. While approaching the kitchen, he noticed the Daisy Dukes soaking wet on the kitchen table with a 2x4, foot long wooden plank and a switch that had been freshly cut from a tree from in the backyard.

"UH, OH!!" he thought and paused for a moment, then proceeded upstairs to the bathroom for a hot after jog shower pretending he hadn't noticed the articles on the table. While showering, the bathroom door burst wide open. A furious Christina threw the Daisy Dukes at paul and yelled "PUT THEM ON NOW BRAT AND GET OUT TO THE TOOLSHED!!" Paul, dripping wet and standing in the tub, squeezed into the wet shorts. Chris standing with a long shoelace, yanked paul out of the tub and pushed him up against the bathroom tiles and gave him a good hard knee kick to his balls. "OW!!!!" cried paul as he doubled over in pain. Christina then grabbed his balls and began tying them, first around the base of the scrotum, then splitting his balls up to the middle and then around the base of his dick a few turns to tie a knot on top. paul grimmaced in pain as Chris secured the knot a second time and then cupped his balls in the palm of her hand and them a good, hard squeeze.

"OUCH!!!, OW-YEE-OWWWWW!!!!" screeched paul.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP BRAT!!' yelled Christina 'You are in it for now.' 'Just you and me!' 'I'm so pissed off at you right now that I don't even need Dorothy to come over to assist me!'" She grabbed the belt on the Daisy Dukes and yanked up his shorts high, so that the crotch of the shorts dug painfully into his privates and asscrack, slapped his butt and said "OFF TO THE TOOLSHED, BOY!!"

Chris walked right behind paul, prodding his butt with a sharp wooden stick as he made his perp walk up the steep hill to the toolshed that Chris had built for him and him alone. Upon entering, he noticed a large, triangled, wooden saw horse in the middle of the floor. Chris bellowed "Now you are going to receive the beating of your life for the disturbance you caused and the huge mess you made last night.' 'GET ACROSS IT NOW, ASSHOLE!!'"

Paul balked at this and started to retreat at the door exclaiming "BUT CHRIS, I AM SO SORRY!' 'IT WAS A MISTAKE.' 'IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN!'"

"Yeah, yeah..' ' A mistake.' 'Very funny.'" replied Christina in a sarcastic tone of voice and then yelled "DAMN STRAIGHT IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN!' 'NOW GET OVER THAT SAWHORSE RIGHT NOW!!'"

Paul, now very excited by what was about to happen, but also very nervous , knowing that this punishment that he was about to receive was going to be extremely painful, was in no hurry to get across the horse. He paused and then suddenly bolted towards the door, tried to open it, but Chris had it locked . She approached him, grabbed him by his long, blond hair and yanked him back to the horse. "NO, NO, PLEASE STOP!!" he begged. She ignored his crying, and pleading and like a woman possessed, she flung him across the sawhorse, then took a long, leather belt hanging on a hook behing the door and ran it under the middle and then brought both ends of the belt up and secured the ends into place around his back. She then took rope hanging on another nearby wallhook, grabbed his flailing arms and secured his wrists together and his ankles together and erected all four limbs up high, several feet off of the ground to a hook above." You are now trussed up good and tight boy!'' No way you will be escaping me!'" she bellowed. She then sat down on his back and began working him over with her first punishment implement of choice for the evening - a small, steel garden shovel.

"OH-NO, NOT THAT THING!!' 'OW!!!!' 'OWWWWWW!!! cried paul 'I thought you were going to use the stuff lying across the shorts on the kitchen table!!' he whined.

"Well, I forgot to bring all that stuff with me, so I'll just use what's available!" chuckled Christina.

Christina then positioned herself on top paul's lower back and criss-crossed her ankles, firmly locking him into place, forcing him to accept his comeinuppance. With each stroke of the shovel, he whimpered and whined, and tried in vain to worm his way out from under Christina's powerful hold, but it was impossible. Christina beat him wildly and continued to ignore his cries and pleas for mercy. She beat him severely with the shovel as hard as she possibly could, leaving bright red marks, cuts and black and blue bruises on his buttocks and the back of his thighs.

"NO CHR-EEEEE-ISSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!' 'STOP!!-'STOP!!!!!!!'" whined paul in a high pitched girlish tone of voice..

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