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Tenant Tanning

Paul is a tenant renting a room from his landlady Christina. This is his first time away from home  and is not sure what to expect from a no nonsense woman with little time for small talk. She laid down the rules that first day. No drinking,  smoking,  excessive noise, strangers in the house and the rent is to be paid on the first of each month. Christina worked at her computer and took care of her business  while Paul went back and forth to his place of work, paying his rent every month  and making sure to keep his room tidy  as he knew Christina would do spot inspections while he was away.


One morning after breakfast, he met her friend and neighbor Dorothy in the dining room. They shook hands  while Christina looked on. He dismissed himself and left to go jogging  while the women  helped themselves to some wine. On return, he entered the house and saw that  the women were very intoxicated.  Perspiring from the long jog, he headed towards the bathroom  to shower. On the way he stopped by  the laundry room  to pick up a clean towel when he noticed a pair of Daisy Duke's  on top of the dryer.


He thought  he might look good in them, so he tried them on. They were a snug fit, really short, faded  and frayed at the bottom, butt hugging and felt  very exciting .


Suddenly the door opened  and  Christina walked in and looked him up and down. She appeared to be very surprised and angry.


"What are you doing?" she roared. 'Those are MY shorts!!"


"UM, Sorry!! ' 'I was just trying them on. ' 'I was just curious to see how they would fit. I'll take them off right away" paul  nervously replied .


"OH NO YOU DON'T!!'  'You leave them on!!'  'I want to show Dorothy !!' 'COME WITH ME NOW!! '   Christina screamed  as she yanked him by the ear and thrusted  him into the dining room.


" Dorothy, Look at this fucking pervert!! Wearing my short-shorts!!"  


Dorothy mused and smiled and ordered Paul to turn around.  "Hmmm.. They fit his ass nicely, don't they?' 'I mean he looks kind of cute in them!"


Christina looked at Paul wryly  and said " I think he looks  slutty in them! ' 'Look at the way his ass hangs out !!'  And then added 'But it's a nice change from what he normally wears,  so  I will make him keep them on!"


"Please M'am, don't tell anyone about this! I was only trying them on!" "Please let me take them off right now! PLEASE!!" begged Paul.


"NO, NO, leave them on !! ' 'I've got big plans for that ass." replied Christina.


"What do YOU think I should do with him Dorothy?'


"Well, replied Dorothy, If it were my short-shorts he was wearing,  I would go outside in the backyard  and grab the  largest  tree branch I could find and beat the living daylights out of him!!"


"That's EXACTLY what I was thinking of doing!" replied Christina.


Christina ordered paul to stand  in a  very humiliating and  uncomfortable position while the two women  further discussed the  kinds  of punishments  they would be giving him.


"Go stand with your nose pressed firmly into the corner, put your hands down by your sides and

keep them there and stick your butt way out and stay in that position while Dorothy and I discuss your fate!" commanded Christina.


"Yes, M'am!!" answered paul nervously.


paul obeyed and stood completely still in that most humiliating and uncomfortable position as the women opened and shared another bottle of wine while revelling in paul's  misery- becomming louder and more aggressive while taking their sweet time discussing his fate- smoking, drinking, verbally teasing, taunting and laughing at paul, occassionally grabbing and pinching his ass and making jokes about their new whipping boy  as the day passed into the  evening. But as he stood in that corner and took all the abuse, he realized that a severe bare bottom butt beating  from two dominant, attractive women would fulfill  a fantasy  that he has secretly harboured for years.