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phone domination


phone domination


phone domination

Sick Dick? Cum visit Nurse X @ the Mean Clinic

CALL: 1-800-863-5478 Press 3 ext. 9548707

Nurse Crosse here to help you act out your perverse fantasies and subject you to all kinds of esoteric, medical psycho-sexual-sadistic pleasures from light , sensuous, erotic nurse-female-doctor-patient roleplay to extreme-extreme-mean, nasty and wicked!! Inspections and injections, invasive and embarrassing rectal exams, prostate probings, rectal stretchings,forced exhibitionism (in front of young, student nurses, micro-midget dick/cuckhold therapy, hypnosis, wicked instuments, sperm samples, shaving and other methods of hair removal, forced intox, forced feedings, drug, food, sleep deprivation, forced orgasm, ruined orgasms, and/or orgasm denial,forced repeated milkings, straightjackets, rubber rooms, padded cells, medical collars, girdles, corsets, etc'., bondage and gagging with medical tapes, and other kinds of medical apparatus, tease & denial, forced to drink cum protein energy juice cocktails from collected sperm samples, penile implants, vasectomies, castration, sex change operations, hormone therapy, objectification, electric shock therapy, hideous, horrific plastic surgeries, perverse medical experiments and more! Call for an exam at the clinic or to be commited to the HellHole Hospital today.

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